Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best Sledding in Central Ohio

Ok we definitely have the snow so what are the best places in your area to take the kiddies sledding?


  1. My husband just took my kids to the Meijer (on 23) and was by far the best hill! It is off to the side of the store so it is safe. Best of all, parents can stay warm by watching them from the car!!!!

  2. Although I do not miss the snow...I miss you Lori, great job with the blog. We used to go to Highbanks and sled all the time!! Loved it!

  3. I took Jack along with Corbin, Will, and Hannah to Scioto Park yesterday! It was great! It is usually crowded but we went late in the afternnon and it wasn't bad. We all had a great time!!!